Eye-catching Modern Office Furniture And Green Plants Matching

Nature makes people feel good. When we see beautiful flowers and green plants outside, we will feel refreshed and refreshed. Because flowers and plants can bring us broad horizons and fresh air, as the pressure of modern life increases, the number of modern office furniture increases, and the working environment changes, we are less and less likely to go to the wild to enjoy nature. However, we can add green to our modern office furniture, breed flowers and appreciate the different wildness.

Eye-catching Modern Office Furniture And Green Plants Matching

The “diverging” gas field formed by plant flowers can add active color to the office and enhance the vitality of the staff. If you arrange some flowers in your neighborhood and match them with your surroundings, it will give all those close to you a sense of warmth. Their mood will get better and they will be willing to communicate with you for a while, because the subtle “gas field” formed by these flowers has a complementary effect with people.

It would be better if you could match the color and shape of the plant with the five elements. The five elements are called “gold, wood, water, fire, earth”. Specifically, geraniums, bananas, begonias, ylang, and bromeliad plants are suitable for matching with fire elements; calendula, sunflower, and tropical red in the Americas. Plants with yellow flowers such as genus Coral are most suitable for matching with soil elements; flower month, jasmine and oleander are best matched with gold elements; plants of black flowers are most suitable for combination with water elements; Branch, so almost all plants and wood elements are suitable.

Modern office furniture with modern flowers and plants not only makes your desks look interesting, beautiful and tidy, but also allows others to stay in sight. This will increase your popularity and communicate with colleagues. Oh, if you put it in line with your gas field, then your transportation will increase greatly.

After reading the above article, do you find it very interesting? You can act and pick the right green plants for your office to make your eyes shine!

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