Insulated Table Mat That Protects Modern Dining Tables

The food coming out of the kitchen is very hot. It is easy to burn or burn the surface of the table directly on the table. Therefore, in our lives, the insulation pad is often used to protect the table.

Insulated Table Mat That Protects Modern Dining Tables

Although the thermal insulation mat is not eye-catching, it has the practical function of protecting the modern dining tables. The beautiful design style can also play the role of dressing up the table, matching the tableware, making the dining more poetic.

The natural and simple color brings the beauty of returning to the original, with a simple and round appearance, showing a simple and fashionable temperament. Hand-woven with corn husk, the material is tough and durable, with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, breathability, heat insulation and anti-scalding, adding a natural atmosphere to the living room.

The fresh grass and wood color, combined with the hollowed-backed monstera shape, is fresh and full of hope, creating a sense of comfort and coziness. This insulation mat is made of wood. The wooden texture on the surface brings a natural atmosphere to life. The moderate thickness and wide blades make it possible to hold multiple cutlery at a time.

This pad is made of black walnut and hard maple. The different colors are perfectly blended together, making it fresh and elegant, making the home more natural. The design of the cat’s claws, the convex and the gap parts are conducive to the overall heat dissipation, and the interesting shape is full of warmth.

This mat has a wonderful texture from nature, with a gilded edge of the wonderful design, showing a noble mix, with a good sense of design and quality.

High-quality ceramic material, smooth and delicate surface, with high temperature resistance, more durable. Really a good companion for a modern dining tables!

Insulated Table Mat That Protects Modern Dining Tables

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