Teach You How To Remove The Smell Of Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture is very important for office workers. Office furniture is the furniture that workers face every day. Therefore, the choice of office furniture materials is very important. It is best to choose healthy and environmentally friendly materials when choosing materials, and avoid Choosing a plastic material with a heavy plastic smell, even if it is cheaper, it has a bad influence on the body, which makes people feel dizzy or disgusting, so we have to balance the pros and cons to choose.

Teach You How To Remove The Smell Of Modern Office Furniture

The modern office furniture purchased always has more or less odor. These odors are mainly from the free formaldehyde in the air. We all know that formaldehyde is not good for human health. So, what to do. Can we effectively remove the smell of these newly purchased office stylish furniture?

  1. Place potted plants.
    We can open the window and ventilate the plants with strong inhalation, such as cactus. The survival characteristics of these plants can effectively absorb harmful substances and then release oxygen, but if the formaldehyde in the air is too high, then It will cause plants to absorb too much harmful substances and cause direct death. Therefore, it can be seen that for the formaldehyde environment with too high concentration, it is impossible to rely on plants alone.
  2. Activated carbon absorption. We can place some solid activated carbon indoors. They have many small holes in the body, which can effectively absorb formaldehyde and create a good air environment. However, solid activated carbon must be replaced regularly.
  3. Open the window for ventilation.
    Window ventilation is a method we use to remove odors. Open the window to speed up the circulation of air and let the smell drift away. However, this method has a disadvantage, that is, it takes a long time and requires good ventilation in the office. The effect.
Teach You How To Remove The Smell Of Modern Office Furniture

We not only know how to buy office furniture, we want to make office life more enjoyable, what do you think?

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